Energy Savers of Oklahoma

Name: Steve Ebey Date Installed: June 18, 2004
After installing the Suntex 90 solar screens on the 3 windows that make up my bay window looking out over my yard, I was able to work at my computer, with the blinds raised, and not be affected by the glare from the sunlight. Also, when we left for a ten day vacation, my wife turned the air conditioning off. I did not know she had done this, so I left my computer running to have remote access to certain files. There was no measurable increase in temperature inside the computer, even after several days where the outside temperature was over 90 degrees. I have noticed that the air conditioner does not cycle nearly as often.


Name: R. C. Date Installed: Summer 2004
In the summer of 2004 I had the SunTex 80% screens installed on the front of my house which faces the West. The first thing I noticed was that the room was considerably cooler. We still had lots of light in the rooms with the
screens, and I was able to see out clearly from the inside, and the glare on my big screen TV was greatly reduced. The screens made my home look better from the curbside, too. I was so impressed I had the screens installed on all the other windows on my home within two weeks. The comfort level of my home is noticeably better with the screens. If you don't have them you should get them now.


Name: H & J Harper Broken Arrow Oklahoma Date Installed: Spring 2005
We had brown 80% solar screens put on all our west windows (13) . We were having to close our shades before we had them installed because of the glare. Now I can leave my shades open and I don't notice any glare on my T.V. I really love being able to see out clearly and not have the glare.I am going to have them installed on all the rest of my windows because they work so well and also enhance the beauty of the outside of my home. They were installed very professional and they look great. Thanks, Energy Savers Of Okla.


Name: Dick & Jackie Jaggars in Broken Arrow Date Installed: Spring 2005
We recently had 90% screens installed on our south and west windows and are extremely pleased. Before the screens our routine each morning was to close all our blinds before we left the house so it would be tolerable when we arrived back home in the early afternoon. Since installing the screens that will never be necessary again. The temperature change in our kitchen after installation was immediately noticed and the comfort level in our entire home was improved. The service provided by Energy Savers was exceptionally professional and hassle free from the first visit for a quote to the final visit of installation. We would recommend this company and their product to anyone who wants to lower their utility cost and enjoy their home more during the Oklahoma summers.
Dick & Jackie Jaggars


Name: Robert Federline Date Installed: Summer 2011
WOW! What a difference. Not only do the screens look great but they work great too. I have and will 110% tell people about your product. The temperature in my daughters room has gone way down. We can actaully be comfortable in there. It is nice to be able to open the windows and have plenty of light coming through and it not be blazing hot anymore. I also like the fact you cannot see through during the day. We are talking about doing the other windows as well.

It was nice dealing with a company that gave dates, times and timelines and stuck to them all. They were there and installed when they said they would be. You do not find that much anymore.

Job well done!!!

Robert Federline


Name: James Hays Date Installed: Summer 2011

I recently ordered 80% screens for my home from Energy Savers of Oklahoma. This is the THIRD home I have ordered energy saving screens for! My experience with Energy Savers has been nothing but GREAT! From the measuring of the screens to the installation; every phase of the process was professional in every way. Do the screens work ... YES THEY DO; both summer and winter they are a blessing, to reduce the SUMMER heat in your room and they do help (in reverse) to keep the heat in your home during the harsh Oklahoma WINTERS! Thank you Steve Foster and all the gang at Energy Savers of Oklahoma.



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